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Understanding Car paint and Paint Swirls

Understanding Car paint and Paint Swirls

Car paint swirls are fine scratches in the clear coat that happen as a result of normal driving, washing and environmental factors such as bird droppings and airborne pollutants. Car paint swirls can be caused by improper car care or poor workmanship at the factory. Car paint swirls are very common on new cars however with proper car care they can be avoided and removed. Car Paint Swirl removal is an important part of car detailing because without removing them other products you apply will not last as long.

One good product to use for Car Paint Removal is Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover 3.0 which is proven to remove Car Paint Swirls from ALL types of paint surfaces including Clear Coats, Lacquers, Acrylics and Urethanes. Car Paint Swirl removal can be time consuming, however the results are worth it. Car Paint Remover is applied by hand or machine, depending on paint condition and desired finish. Car paint swirls can be easily removed with the Pinnacle Advanced Swirl Remover 3.0 because it contains both cutting agents and lubricants which penetrate into the Car Paint Swirls and break down the clear coat type to prevent future Car Paint Swirls from forming behind them. Car Wash Soap is applied after car paint has been removed to ensure that you dont get any marring of your nice smooth clear coat surface when washing your car in the future

Car wash soap does not have lube so applying a good carnauba wax or synthetic sealant will offer protection, lubrication and help Car Paint Swirls not to form again. Car wash soap is one of the most important steps in Car detailing because if you dont clean your car well on a regular basis then all of your hard work applying other products will be for nothing. Car wash soap can be applied with one of three different techniques; Washing the whole car is called "rotary", "side" washing covers one side at time by hand while holding the car up on that side and "bucket" washing is done using a bucket or automatic machine which sprays soapy water over the surface and rinses off down a drain. Car Wash Soap also contains gloss agents to leave the clear coat surface glossy and give Car Paint Protection. Car Wash Soap is a critical step to Car Detailing because if you dont wash your car regularly, Car Paint Swirls will form which can be difficult or impossible to remove later on.

Another important product in Car detailing is Car Polish. Car polish can also be used for Car Paint Removal as an abrasive polish can cut out Car Paint Swirls that are not too deep into the clear coat paint surface. However Car Polish contains no lubricants so it should always follow up with a Car wash soap while you are washing your car before using any other products after applying Car Polishing Compound because if you do not use Lubrication like Car Wash Soap then when water hits Car Paint Swirls it can cause Car Scratches and Car Scuffs in the clear coat which Car Polish cannot remove. Car Polishing Compound also contains no gloss agents so after polishing your car apply Car Wax or Car Paint Sealant to give you deep wet looks that will last for months.